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Workplace English

On-site ESL Program for Businesses


This program was designed for businesses that may have international employees and would like to offer them English tutoring in a group setting to help improve work communication, production, etc. In these cases, the business will fill out the associated request form under the "How To Get Started" tab above and AEI will customize a training program and schedule specifically for the business.

Goals & Objectives

Every business will have their own objectives and goals for implementing a custom ESL program for their employees.

We seek to help business employees perform their job responsibilities using English by helping them to build a solid foundation in the basics of English, across all language dimensions including reading, writing, listening, speaking, essential grammar, and vocabulary.

Instructional methods are developed specific to the business using work-related materials and scenarios with goals toward specific learning outcomes for each language dimension (reading, listening, writing, etc.). For example, we will ensure the learning of all required vocabulary from business supplied materials and work scenarios.

Example Workplace

In 2017, Thermo Pac, a specialty food packager, partnered with AEI to develop and provide an ESL Tutoring Course specific to their Op Technician positions. It was necessary for their Op Technicians to understand and perform the entire line process from breakdown to operation, sanitation, and maintenance. The biggest gap was English. Specifically the ability to read and complete forms, train others, interact effectively with other employees and federal inspectors, and write/edit operating procedures as necessary.

AEI developed and began a program consisting of 2-hour classes performed 2 days each week at the Thermo Pac facility. The program is still running strong.

How To Get Started

If you are interested in Atlanta English Institute developing a program for your business, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you to further discuss your goals and then develop a program with those goals and your budget in mind.

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