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Intensive English Classes

Intensive English | English as a Second Language (ESL)

Learning Tracks:
• Intensive English Program (20 hours per week – required for F1 students)
• Intensive English Course (15 hours per week)

The Atlanta English Institute (AEI) offers a unique Intensive English experience which combines the highest in academic excellence with a nurturing community. AEI equips non-native English speakers to achieve technical mastery of English and provides a full range of support services and resources to assist students in achieving their individual dreams.

our world-class program

The Very Best

• Fully trained by AEI

• Native speakers

• Understand English holistically

• Experienced

A Structured &
Systematic Program

• Personalized, computerized placement exam (written and oral)

• Rigorous Academic Curriculum
(fully accredited)

• Eight levels (eight weeks each)
Beginner to Mastery level

• Covering all aspects of English
(Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar, and Vocabulary)

A Nurturing Academic &
Social Community

• Small, intimate classes
(maximum 15 students per class)

• Student-centered classes

• Academic and Professional Counseling

• Discussion/Social Groups

• Carefully selected Academic Resources and Tools
(textbooks and reference materials)

• Events and Activities

On-campus Amenities

• Field trips
• Potlucks
• Relaxation spaces
• Fully equipped computer labs
• Snack room
• Library
• Dedicated private, serene study spaces.

On-campus Classes

• Dedicated private, serene study spaces
• Fully equipped computer labs
• Relaxation spaces
• Snack Room

Online Classes

In addition to on-campus classes, AEI is proud to offer online classes where students that need to study from home. Click to view Computer and Technical Requirements

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