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Online Application for Students with or requesting F-1 VISA Status

To join our F-1 VISA students and begin your English language training at AEI, simply navigate to the detailed procedures listed below. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact an AEI admissions representative.


Family name (surname) First name (given) Middle name
Name you wish to be called at school
Date of birth
Native Language:

Contact Information Inside United States

Street 2
City State
Inside US Phone
Other phone
Other phone/fax
Other e-mail

Emergency contact name
Emergency contact phone
May we use this contact for non-emergencies?

Contact Information Outside the United States

Street 2
City State
Postal code Country
Country of birth
Country of citizenship

Overseas Document Delivery Address

Street 2
City State
Postal code Country

Attendance Plan

Start Date
End Date
Time of day:
Initial Course:

Goals and Academic Requirements

What are your short and long term goals?
Are you willing to do your part in order to succeed at the Atlanta English Institute? (Your part includes arriving on time, attending all classes, completing assigned homework, and participating fully in class.) *

Financial Information

Financial Information is required only for a period of 12 months or less (This is not an attendance limit)
Estimated number of months (see attendance plan above)

Estimated Expenses

Tuition (including books)
Application fee $175
Subtotal (tuition and fees): 0
Living expenses
Expenses of dependents
Grand Total Expenses: 0

Means of Support

Student’s personal funds
Funds from another source
Grand Total Means: 0

Entrance Category

Please choose a category:
Initial entry (coming from home country)
Transfer student
Change of status
Name of school transferring from:
Date completed/will complete studies

F-2 Dependents

Please list dependents if they will require an AEI-issued I-20 (F2 VISA.) Use exact name as in passport.
Add Dependent
I certify that the information on this application is true. In addition, I have read, understood and agree to AEI’s policies
How did you find out about the Atlanta English Institute?
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