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Application Instructions


Beginning and ending attendance dates are required for the purpose of completing an I-20 for prospective F-1 students.
The school recommends that you estimate how long it will take to complete all eight levels of AEI’s ESL Intensive English course. Add to this estimate any time, as appropriate, for Test Preparation , and choose an ending date accordingly. This leaves F-1 students maximum flexibility, as the I-20 cannot be extended easily. However, you may also choose a specific, short period of study, e.g. four months.

Regarding the length of your I-20, AEI normally applies a one-year grace period to your dates of attendance. This allows for vacation time as well as other planned or unplanned absences.

Please use the school’s Academic Calendar and the following guidelines:

ESL Intensive Course

> Beginning: Levels 1 and 2
> Intermediate: Levels 3, 4, and 5
> Advanced: Levels 6 and 7

Regarding Test Preparation courses, please estimate one to two sessions for each course. (For example, if you plan to take both the TOEFL and the GMAT, you will want to add at least four months to your plan of attendance.)

If the school calendar does not go out as far as you plan, please estimate two months for each ESL and Test Preparation . (All levels and courses are eight weeks each. The attendance dates you choose do not bind you to the school. A student is normally obligated financially for only one full session. Please see school policies for further details.)

Session Beginning Date
Please use a beginning session date unless you wish to enroll midsession. (AEI invites midsession enrollment provided there is available space.)

Ending Date
Unless you are leaving the country, please use an end of session date.


For purposes of completing the I-20, the school requires documentation of your estimated expenses and means of support (sources of funding).

Please use a maximum of 12 months of financial information for all Estimated Expenses and Means of Support. This is not an attendance limit. Rather, it is the maximum financial information required by the U.S. government.

Estimated Expenses (Reminder: Use a maximum of 12 months. See above.)
Please calculate tuition based on the number of sessions you will be studying. The school’s tuition charge includes books.

Estimate your monthly expenses and then multiply the total by the number of months you plan to study. You may use the following as a guideline to help calculate these expenses:

[monthly expenses]
  • Housing $__________
  • Utilities $__________
  • Communications $__________
  • WorksheetFood $__________
  • Transportation $__________
  • Personal $__________
  • Monthly total $ __________
  • Multiply by no. of months x_________ (maximum 12 months)
  • Total Living Expenses $__________

*The online application will help you calculate these as well.

Please estimate the total amount of expenses (in addition to your own living expenses noted above) associated with dependents, e.g. wife, children, etc. You may, again, use the above worksheet.

Please note any extraordinary expenses here and explain in the space provided.

Means of Support (Reminder: Use a maximum of 12 months. See above.)
The source of your funding is either personal or from another source. Another source could be, for example, a family member or other sponsor.

Please specify the type and source of other funding in the space provided; for example, “parents in Hamburg, Germany.”